Unfortunately due to the weather conditions and in the interest of athlete safety tonight’s meet has been cancelled.

Program for Friday 3rd of Jan
Tiny Tots – 100m, 200m Vortex, Shotput
Under 6 – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Discus
Under 7 – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Discus
Under 8 – 100m, 200m, High Jump, Turbo Jav
Under 9 – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Turbo Jav
Under 10+ – 100m, 200m, 800m, Discus, Shotput

All age groups will be doing a throw medley which will consist of 2 attempts at each throw. As a bit of extra fun the athlete that has a combined throw distance of 20.19 (or closest to) will receive a prize at our next meet.

Tiny Tots – Hurdles, 100m & Throw Medley
Under 6 – Hurdles, 100m & Throw Medley
Under 7 – Hurdles, 100m & Throw Medley
Under 8 – 100m, 400m & Throw Medley
Under 9 – 100m, 400m & Throw Medley
Under 10+ – 1500m, Long Jump & Throw Medley

With all the rain and cancellations lately we feel like it’s time to have some fun. So tomorrow night come along with your craziest hair, hat or socks. Spot prizes will be given out on the night. I would also like to acknowledge Emmitt who wore his crazy socks a couple of weeks ago, hopefully we will see them again tomorrow night! Events for tomorrow are below and information regarding our Christmas program will be posted shortly.

Events for Friday 13th of December:
Tiny Tots – 70m, 150m Long Jump, Shotput
Under 6 – 70m, 150m, Long Jump, Vortex
Under 7 – 70m, 150m, Long Jump, Vortex
Under 8 – 70m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Shotput
Under 9 – 70m, Hurdles, High Jump, Discus
Under 10+ – 70m, Hurdles, 1500m (U11+), Discus, Long Jump


Unfortunately after surveying the ground and with more rain predicted over the next couple of hours tonight’s meet will be cancelled. I will be looking into ground availability in the hopes of running some catch-up meets during the summer holidays.

Not long now until our season start!

Our first meet is Friday 4th of October and will be a come and try night, all returning athletes and new athletes are welcome. As this is a come and try meet athletes do not need to be registered prior to the meet but athletes must be in appropriate clothes and footwear to compete. More information on registration is on our website.

For our new families athletes will be called up to do a warm up at 5:15pm. Once this is finished we will then be calling up children in age groups. Once athletes are in age groups they will go to their first event and then continue around the rest of their events in their age groups. Age groups are based on the childs age at the 31st of December, for example if your child turns 5 in November they would be in the Under 6 age group.

A reminder as well to our returning families and our new families parent help is vital to run our events so please lend a hand at events, if you’re not sure what to do our age group co-ordinators will me more than happy to help out. We are also in need of parents to join our committee so if you are interested please message us or come speak to a committee member at our meets.

Any cancellations will not be made until 4:30pm on Friday afternoon and will be posted on Facebook and the website.

ALL returning athletes MUST have registered prior to their first meet. Failure to do so will mean they are unable to compete. NEW athletes may come along for 2 meets to trial before registration needs to be completed.

Information handout from Come and Try night can be downloaded here – Info Handout 


This will affect athletes born between the 1st of October and 31st of December. The chart below shows age groups for the 2018/2019 season.