Welcome to the 2021/2022 Season

More information will be added shortly.

Visitors – please see our visitor policy on our Covid Page.

Just a couple of reminders:
🏃We are ALL volunteers, myself included, none of us are trained experts and we are giving up our time so your child can compete.
🏃 If your child has already competed twice they MUST be registered for insurance purposes. No registration, no competing. Our centre does accept ticket to play vouchers which covers $100 of the registration fee, there is more information on this on our website
🏃 Parent help is vital for the running of events, however if you aren’t assisting with an event you must view from outside the boundary fence. As this is a COVID requirement failure to comply may see you asked to leave the grounds. So basically if you want to stay at the site with your child please pick up a tape measure, or a rake and help out.
🏃 This is a kids sport, not the Olympics, it’s about having fun and staying fit, Claremont prides itself on being a centre that encourages athletes of all abilities to try their best, we request that parents also support these beliefs.
🏃 Please be mindful of how you move around the ground, I have seen on many occasions athletes AND parents walking through the middle of events, this puts everyone in danger so please be mindful of this when moving around the ground.