Results 2018/2019 Season

Unfortunately due to system issues results have not been posted yet. I am currently trying to resolve the issue and results will be posted ASAP.

Results will be added to this page during the season.

MeetResults05-Oct-18 — Tiny-Tot-05_10_18

MeetResults12-Oct-18 — Tiny-Tot-12_10_18

MeetResults19-Oct-18 — Tiny-Tot-19_10_18

MeetResults26-Oct-18 — Tiny-Tot-26_10_18

MeetResults02-Nov-18 — Tiny Tot 02_11_18

SCC Results 04-11-18 CMT only SCC results

MeetResults09-Nov-18 — Tiny-Tot-09_11_18

MeetResults16-Nov-18 — Tiny-Tot-16_11_18

SAS Preliminary Results 01-12-18 CMT only results for SAS

MeetResults30-Nov-18 — Tiny-Tot-30_11_18

MeetResults07-Dec-18 — Tiny-Tot-07_12_18

MeetResults14-Dec-18 — Tiny-Tot-14_12_18

NAS Results 15-12-18 — CMT only results for NAS

MeetResults04-Jan-19 — Tiny-Tot-04_01_19

MeetResults11-Jan-19 — Tiny-Tot-11_01_19

MeetResults18-Jan-19 — Tiny-Tot-18_01_19

MeetResults01-Feb-19 — Tiny-Tot-01_02_19

MeetResults08-Feb-19 — Tiny-Tot-08_02_19

MeetResults15-Feb-19 — Tiny-Tot-15_02_19


Athletes summary of events up until 18/01/2018 (Please note this does include all athletes so you will need to click through to find your child(ren))